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Tesla road trip: Joe and Dave test the Model S from Portland to Seattle (live updates)

I took the family for a ride in the black Tesla Model S that I’m test driving this week.

It was just a quick trip to Dairy Queen in Southeast Portland.

After we had ordered soft-serve cones, my wife and 13-year-old daughter noticed another DQ customer snapping a photo of the car with her cellphone.

Flashing what Model S owners call the “Tesla smile,” my daughter was obviously impressed.

“Now I know how Kim Kardashian feels,” she said.

I don’t know. I offered this: “Or how Elon Musk feels.”

She looked at me as if I was talking about one of my dad rock bands again. “Who?” she asked.

OK. So, Musk, the South African-American inventor and futurepreneur behind Tesla Motors, isn’t exactly a househould name. Yet.

But Tesla’s cars could change that. Simply parked outside a DQ, the company’s Model S was a rock star. People are excited about the invention, even if the name of the inventor is still something only tech and car geeks throw around.


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