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Tesla Model S Gets A Stealthy Price Bump

tesla-model-s-alphaTesla delivered on its promise to sell a $50,000 EV, and then promptly cancelled production of the 40 kWh Model S, and followed that with a $2,500 price increase for the remaining variants. Well Tesla is at it again, discreetly jacking up the price on certain option packages that could add thousands of dollars to customers waiting for their cars.

HybridCars reports that average the Tesla website went down for maintenance last week, it came back online with new base prices for the Model S sedan, as well as some substantial price increases for customers with cars on reserve. One Tesla Model S owner who bought his car in December estimated that the same car would have cost him $10,000 more had he waited until now to buy it.

Some of this price increase comes from a bump in the Tesla’s base price, which was quietly increased by $1,170 for both the 60 kWh and 85 kWh models. That brings the base price for the 60 kWh Model S to $71,070 (up from $69,900) and $81,070 for the 85 kWh variant, not including the $7,500 tax credit.

Similarly, some option packages have gone up in cost as well, or been replaced entirely. The $950 “Studio Sound” package has been replaced by the $2,500 “Ultra High Fidelity Sound” package. One customer with a car on order had his car cost increased by $6,000, causing him to reconsider his order entirely. No word on if this price bump affected the Model S lease as well.


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