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Sustainability Trends for Strategic Scenario Building

A client of ours recently asked us to help them think about scenario building in the context of sustainability. Scenario building walks an organization through possible future scenarios that could impact their business. It is designed to help them think through future market and economic trends and provide a framework to enable them to test assumptions and strategic directions so that they can remain flexible and adapt to their future market environment.

Scenario building takes into account projected trends, data, and information that point to the way that the business may be impacted 5, 10, 15 years down the line. Incorporating sustainability into this exercise is vital to the success and longevity of an organization, as it is no longer a fad but a way of doing business.

Below are some sustainability trends that organizations operating in the US will be faced with, and some related questions that you may want to ask yourself when developing your organization’s long-term strategy:

1. Rise in climate-related events. The cost of doing business as a result of the rise in climate-related incidents is increasing, as some companies are already noting. While the insurance industry is picking up some of the tab, it is also passing on the cost to businesses in the form of increased rates.
– How will climate-related events impact your future cost of doing business?
– What can your organization do to plan for potential interruptions in its operations?


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