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Sun powering home and car

A couple on the Langley/Surrey border went solar

Hans and Christine Wekking have solar panels to power their home and their Nissan Leaf car.
Photograph by: Heather Colpitts , Langley Advance

There’s nothing to distinguish the Clayton Heights home of Hans and Christine Wekking from those of their neighbours.

And most people who drive down the alley wouldn’t even notice the 10 large black panels on their garage roof.

But lots of neighbours have been asking the Wekkings about their solar home, particularly since on sunny days, the power meter runs backwards as excess energy is put back into the BC Hydro power grid.

“On a sunny day, we’re powering some of their fridges and electronics,” said Hans.

In the first 10 days of the system being online, he’s generated about $10 worth of excess power. The value of the power put back into the grid is kept as a credit the couple will use during less sunny days when they need power.

In addition to running their home system, they drive a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle which charges off the household power system.

Christine, who sells green household products and natural food products, said there’s really no lifestyle changes required.

“I think it’s a really cool think to be able to drive a car using nothing but the power generated by the sun,” she said.

Hans noted that the bureaucratic side of installing the home solar system was problem free.


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