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Solar Panel Companies Making Offers That May Be Too Good To Refuse

Little To No Money Down On A Lease With A Guaranteed Rate Sound Good?

SUFFERN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — New Yorkers pay some of the highest electric bills in the country. But what if we told you that your bill could go down drastically and you don’t have to pay a thing, that you’d practically get cbslocalfor nothing?

On Friday, CBS 2’s Don Champion investigated if the “solar solution” is too good to be true.

A constant beam, the sun will soon help lighten the load on David Sitver’s wallet.

He said he’s getting solar panels installed on his roof, and the best part is he’s not paying anything because he’s leasing them.

“I probably wouldn’t have done it had I had to pay for the panels up front,” Sitver told Champion.

Part of the reason leasing is so easy today is the cost of producing solar panels has gone down drastically. Years ago, an installation like the one Sitver was getting would’ve cost $35,000, but that price has been slashed nearly 70 percent, Champion reported.

Thanks to government incentives the company OnForce Solar can offer New Yorkers panels with no money down or little money down that they’ll get back at tax time. In return, homeowners buy the solar-generated power for 20 years at a guaranteed low rate.


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