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Smith Electric Vehicles forms J.V. to bring E.V. fleets to Taiwan

Global electric vehicle producer Smith Electric Vehicles and Taiwanese commercial vehicle manufacturer Taikang Technology Corporation have signed a letter of intent to form a joint venture to produce and distribute vehicles.

Smith Electric and Taikang Technology Corporation will enter into a definitive licensing agreement which will see the assembly and distribution of all-electric vehicles in Taiwan. The J.V. will establish a manufacturing assembly, distribution and service hub for Smith Electric vehicles in the country.

Taikang Technology Corporation has 25 years of automotive experience and in-country expertise. They have been working closely with a number of Taiwanese government agencies on transforming its fleet of refuse trucks to all-electric.

The J.V., which has a total three-year, 5,000 vehicle production commitment, will provide a significant portion of this new planned refuse fleet.

The establishment of a J.V. in Taiwan opens up a new and important market for Smith Electric which specializes in all-electric, zero-emission commercial vehicles for short haul urban transport fleets.

Smith Electric’s Newton and Edison vehicle models are deployed in several countries for use in parcel, food, beverage and equipment deliveries, and personnel transport.

The initial trucks to be manufactured and put to use in Taiwan will be Newton and Edison models. Smith electric will have the sole sourcing and procurement rights for its proprietary Smith Drive (E.V. drive and control system), Smith Power (battery and power management system) and Smith Link (networked performance data) components.


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