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Research and Markets: Global Market for Next Generation Batteries – Forecast, Trends & Opportunities 2013-2020

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the “Global Market for Next Generation Batteries – Forecast, Trends & Opportunities 2013-2020” report to their offering.

The global market for lithium ion batteries is a fast growing one and is expected to cross $25 billion by 2017.

It continues to advance as high power and high capacity cells increase penetration into large-format applications. Nickel Cadmium batteries do not make up a huge portion of the nickel-based battery market and account for only about 12% of the entire nickel-based battery market. It is estimated that the nickel-based battery market will be worth over $7.5 billion by the end of 2017.

The global market for next generation batteries presents several growth opportunities, mainly from the consumer and electric vehicle segments. 4-traders.comThese opportunities, however, depend on the increasing consumption and power storage requirements of consumer electronics appliances, as well as the migration of consumers from primary to secondary batteries due to cost advantages.

TDK Corporation, Sanyo, Saft Group, Samsung SDI Co. Ltd., LG, Panasonic, Hitachi, are some the biggest players in the market for next generation batteries.

The report covers the following:

– An introduction to next generation batteries such as lithium-ion batteries, nickel cadmium batteries and nickel metal hydride batteries. The report will analyze the basics of both lithium-ion batteries and nickel-based batteries.

– An analysis of the global market for next generation batteries includes an industry overview, a look at lithium supply and demand scenario, li-ion battery industry segmentation into automobiles, storage batteries, and consumer electronics, and an analysis of the market share of nickel metal hydride batteries.


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