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Porsche Porsche bullish on plug-in PanameraThat Lifecycle Sales of the Panamera Plug-In Hybrid Will Hit 10,000 Units

KRUEN, Germany — Porsche expects the Panamera S E-Hybrid to account for about 10,000 sales, equivalent to 10 percent of the model line’s forecast global sales over its life cycle, which would be double that of the car’s first-generation hybrid.

Porsche is bullish because the Panamera’s plug-in hybrid powertrain is dramatically better than the full-hybrid variant it replaces.

The new plug-in hybrid’s electric drive produces 95 hp compared with 34 hp in the full hybrid. That is because the new hybrid draws its energy from a lithium ion battery that offers 9.4 kilowatt hours compared with 1.7 kWh from the first-generation car’s nickel-metal hydride battery.

“It is a big step from the first-generation hybrid to the plug-in hybrid. The car provides more than five times more energy for the customer,” Panamera model line boss Gernot Doellner said in an interview during the car’s launch here in southern Germany.

Combined with a supercharged 333-hp V-6 gasoline engine, the new Panamera hybrid develops a combined 416 hp. Porsche says the plug-in Panamera’s fuel use is 3.1 liters per 100km, down from 7.1l/100km for the previous Panamera hybrid. That equates to CO2 emissions of 71 grams per kilometer, down from 167g/km.

The new Panamera hybrid can reach speeds of up to 135kph in all-electric model and travel up to 36km on battery power only. When the gasoline and electric systems combine the car has a top speed of 270kph.

At a starting price in Germany of 110,409 euros, the new hybrid is about 3,000 euros more expensive than the variant it replaces. Doellner said that much more than half of all first-generation Panamera hybrids were leased and he thinks that trend will continue with the new car.

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