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Petition Asks the Impossible: EV Quick Chargers Every 50 Miles

On July 23, Ryan Mackenzie, a 29-year-old EV enthusiast from San Antonio, started on an online petition on the official White House website calling on the Obama Administration to install EV Quick Charge stations every 50 miles along the nation’s highways.

In the first few days, the petition garnered about three or four signatures a day. But in August, the pace picked up—to 60 or more new signatures a day. With fewer than 600 names currently on the petition, the pace will need to dramatically accelerate to reach the goal of 100,000 names by August 22. That’s how many signatures are required by the deadline, to prompt a response from the Obama administration.

The idea is bold: by installing EV Quick Chargers every 50 miles or so, cars like the Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Spark EV become capable of covering hundreds of miles in a single day. While the vision of a gas-free utopian future sounds compelling, the concept is impractical and somewhat distracting from what could be done to assist EV drivers.


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