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North West Evening Mail | News | Barrow | Energy Coast | Putting electric motoring to the test in Whtiehaven

PUTTING the Nissan LEAF through its paces as test drivers were Gerard Richardson, Whitehaven Festival chief executive, broadcaster Eric Robson and Rosie Sweeney, assistant environmental consultant for Atkins. Here are their verdicts:

OPINION: Sharing their views are (main picture) Gerard Richardson, front, and Rosie Sweeney, centre, and above, Eric Robson
Gerard: “For me it was love at first sight – there’s enough technology in the basic model to keep Iron Man happy. The standard central console is replaced by something akin to a giant iPad and the exceptionally well designed steering wheel has the look and feel of something made by NASA…. the experience was enticingly weird because there was no noise at all… the gears are superb… the smoothest transition of power I’ve ever experienced…. if you drive carefully you can grow a tree on your screen which signifies you are producing electricity.”

Rosie: The Nissan LEAF is an impressive car. The electric technology comes at no expense to the manufacture and design, both inside and out. The ride is comfortable, quiet and surprisingly fast. With a range of modern internal features such as rear view cameras and built-in sat nav which are charged through solar power, preventing a drain on the charged battery. The only two downsides as I saw them were the mileage and battery charging. However the requirements to plan long journeys in accordance with charging points should be reduced thanks to Britain’s Energy Coast and the Lake District National Park as both plan to install fast charge points. Overall the car was a delight to drive.”



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