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Nissan’s sale of ZEV credits may affect Tesla’s bottom line | Torque News

Nissan is earning enough zero emission vehicle sales credits to have excess credits to sell, potentially affecting the revenue Tesla Motors earns from their ZEV credit sales.
Nissan, the other leading electric car maker besides Tesla Motors, has begun selling ZEV credits earned under California’s zero emission vehicle sales rules. The ZEV credits are administered by California’s Air Resources Board, and are the method by which automakers retain the right to sell gasoline powered cars in California. To date Tesla Motors is the only company which has earned enough ZEV credits to be able to sell any. How, then, will this affect Tesla given that the ZEV credits have played a key role in keeping the company afloat.
Bloomberg News is quoting Nissan Executive Vice President Andy Palmer as saying “We’ve got carbon credits to sell, and we’re selling them — California ZEV credits.” This indicates that Nissan has been successful enough selling the Nissan Leaf in California that they have more ZEV credits than are needed to continue selling gas cars in California. Nissan recently disclosed their top 15 markets for the Leaf, and four out of the top 10 are in California (#1: San Francisco, #2: Los Angeles, #7: San Diego, #8: Sacramento).
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