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Nissan to expand EV lineup to 5 models

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Blowing off media speculation that its bold ambitions for electric vehicles might have cooled, Nissan Motor Co. says it will expand its global EV product line to five models.

Until now, Nissan has said it will build only three electric models: the Nissan Leaf, a luxury Infiniti sedan version of the Leaf and an electric version of its recently launched compact cargo van, the NV200.

The company has not announced what additional models it is planning and has not specified a timetable. But it indicates Nissan is taking a long-term view of the slow-growing EV market.

“We haven’t announced what models they will be, but we have plans for five,” Carla Bailo, senior vice president for r&d at Nissan Americas, told reporters here at a product preview. “The others will come in due time.”

Bailo said future Nissan-brand EVs will use inductive charging — an emerging advanced technology for recharging the batteries of electric cars wirelessly. Inductive chargers enable an EV owner to park on top of a charging mat to recharge a battery without hooking up a connector.

“Once that technology is ready, we will use it across our brands,” she said after her presentation.


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