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Nigeria: Olusanya – Card Technology Will Guarantee Sustainable Transportation System

The Managing Director, Fleet Masters and Europcar Nigeria, Mr. Abiodun Olusanya, spoke with Amaka Eze on the prospects of sustainable transportation system through the use of a new card technology solution. Excerpts:

How long have you been in the transport business?

Well, I started in the transport business in the UK on a project where we looked at queues and payment systems management in the late 90s, as a senior consultant in one of the top four consulting firms. When I returned to Nigeria, we started looking into finding solutions to numerous problems faced by that sector particularly on easing the stress of transport for commuters in general. I was already a registered member of the Institute of Transport and Logistics in the UK and naturally the area of interest shifted to Nigeria’s transport system. The first thing I did on returning to Nigeria was to bring the Europcar franchise to Nigeria, (Europcar is one of the top three car rental companies worldwide) although the signing process took a little while, but by 2005, we were able to do all the paper work and sometime after, we raised the needed finance and commenced business.

You launched a card technology into the market sometimes in May 2013. Can you shed more light on the solution?

The card business actually evolved because we were in transportation in Nigeria, and we had hands-on experience of what it takes and how difficult it is to run a fleet or to manage a transport business in this part of the world. Aside the problem of infrastructure, we do have a lot of other problems in running fleets; human problem, cultural problem, system problems, process and procedural problems, etc., and with my experience as a consultant, I wasn’t just focused on the running of transportation and making money out of it. But I was also looking at resolving general fleet issues in Nigeria. I looked to design solutions that can give companies and individuals that run transport services or corporate fleet peace of mind, and enable them have a greater control of their business through Card technology solution, as well as give the consumers of their services, both internal and external, a well refined experience.

How is the acceptance level of the card so far in the market?

Well, I must say the reception and the general acceptability of the cards have been very high; and is doing well above our projection and the reason is very obvious. With the card solution, which directly solves the problem that businesses and users face, we are not surprised that the reception was so good in just a few weeks, and we know that the adoption will go viral in the coming months. This is because the card enables you to delegate the management of your fleet to a well-trained and qualified team within your organisation or outsource it to Fleet Masters. Either way, the card becomes handy.



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