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New charging stations give electric vehicle drivers more freedom

PORTLAND — Oregon is home to more than 3,000 electric vehicle drivers and on Thursday they got a lot more freedom to take long-distance trips.

Tesla opened its first super charger in Oregon Thursday, which is located near the Woodburn outlet stores.

It’s one of only 19 in the country.

The super charger allows drivers to completely charge up in as little as 20 to 30 minutes. It would normally take hours.

It also gives drivers freedom to take long-distance trips.

“These chargers are completely free to our owners. They don’t cost you a cent,” said Tesla regional manager Troy Jones. “By Thanksgiving time, you’ll be able to go from Vancouver B.C. to Tijuana using our free chargers all the way down.”

This is just one way electric vehicle drivers are getting some relief from their range anxiety.

“It’s that anxiousness that comes with ‘am I going to make it to my next charge? Or where’s the next closest charging station?’” Kennard Nielson, who drives an electric vehicle, said.


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