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Neighbours turning over a new Leaf

EOPLE POWER … Julie Skevington, centre, with residents from Beacon Glade testing a Nissan Leaf.

Published on the 21 August
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ENVIRONMENTALLY-friendly neighbours in South Tyneside are turning over new leafs in a bid to test out electric cars.

People in Beacon Glade, South Shields, are bidding to take part in a project that aims to help experts understand the demand on the power network as more people switch to electric cars.

Under the terms of the My Electric Avenue scheme, they are being offered the chance to rent an electric car for 18 months, while low carbon vehicle consultancy Zero Carbon Futures looks at the effects of overnight charging.

Resident Julie Skevington has championed the scheme, posting flyers to every nearby household, and almost 20 of her neighbours have asked for details of the project.

It offers participants an all-electric Nissan Leaf at a subsidised monthly rental of £100 for 18 months, fuel bill savings, no road tax and between 80 and 100 miles of travel for between £2 and £3 – the cost of one overnight charge.

Bank worker Ms Skevington sees the trial as a way of experiencing the financial and environmental benefits of EVs.

She said: “I’m facing redundancy, so have been seeking a cost-effective replacement for my company car.


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