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NEEAA : Message: No Defensible Financial Case for EV Charging at Work – Is that Right?

Hello everyone. I am seeking advice from the group. I have asked my company to
install an EV charging station(s). The company has several large sites in MA,
CT and NJ and an individual in the company’s “energy management and
sustainability efforts” was asked to evaluate EV charging stations in the
workplace. Below are bullet points of his conclusion. If anyone has ideas to
provide compelling counterpoints, I would be grateful for assistance.

• The company has so many tax incentives already that EV charging station tax
incentives cannot be used advantageously

• The net simple payback for EV charging stations is 9-13 years.

• Contracting a company to install/own/operate EV charging stations is not a
defensible financial case. The service cost an independent operator would need
to charge EV owners to make their business case would be exorbitant and the EV
charging stations would not be used. Since the contracting company would
include a clause in the service contract to guarantee an income stream, the
parent company would pay a penalty cost for lack of usage.

• Most EVs can travel 75 miles per charge. The average employee commute is 29
miles and thus, there is little need to charge at work.

• Charging EVs during “off-peak” hours is greener than “on-peak” since the grid
uses dirtier peaking plants during the day. Thus supporting EV charging at work
is counter to positive promotional aspects of sustainability

• A 30% tax incentive to install EV charging stations at work is insufficient to
sway the financial case for this project.



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