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Mott adds charging station

If you’re in the Big Bend area and need some juice for your electric vehicle, Burnaby’s Mott Electric GP has a free charging station.

Graham Trafford is the general manager at Mott Electric, and he says the station is part of a growing network in the Lower Mainland. “This is an ongoing thing,” Trafford told the NOW. “It’s available for anybody who wants to come in and charge their vehicle during the day. Our charging stations are open to them.”

Mott Electric has been in the area since 1930 and moved to its new digs in Burnaby last June, and the charging stations are a new addition. “We have our own electric vehicle

we use as a commuter car,” he added. “We’ve been charging our own vehicle here, and word is starting to get out as we’ve put out signage in the last month. It’s starting to get a few more inquiries and people showing up.”

Last January, the B.C. government announced it would spend $1.3 million on a green highway concept, installing 13 charging stations connecting cities in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and Merritt.

Mott Electric has been busy installing some across the region and Vancouver Island – even in people’s homes, according to Trafford.


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