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Milford Daily News : Getting a charge out of leasing an electric car

A friend of mine recently remarked, “It’s funny, but when I am feeling low, I start cleaning.” Far from funny, her choice of stress-reducing activity has its basis in ancient philosophy. According the principles of Chinese feng shui and Indian Vastu, a clean, clear space allows chi, prana, or life-giving energy to flow more freely through you.

Do you find yourself surrounded by clutter, which you want to clear up but keep finding reasons to postpone doing it? Here is some advice to help you get started:

Cluttered thought: “I might just need this magazine/CD/audio cassette some day.”

Clear thought: “I haven’t used it in a long time. Let me sell or donate it. If I need this at some point, I can buy one.”

Cluttered thought: “Where’s the time to neaten up the cupboard? I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Clear thought: “Is tomorrow going to be easier, really? How about I organize just 10 items while I have a few minutes today.”



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