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Is This the Greatest American-Made Car Ever? – DailyFinance

Tesla’s Model S. Photo credit: Tesla Motors.

The automotive industry has been using internal combustion engines to drive vehicles for more than a century, and the industry was begging to be disrupted by an innovative solution. Some have dubbed electric vehicles the ride of the future, but the likes of Ford’s Focus Electric andNissan’s Leaf leave something to be desired.

Then something happened – Tesla’s Model S took America by storm. People aren’t even sure how to classify it. Is it a sports car, a luxury car, an electric car, or all three combined? Whatever it’s classified under, there’s no mistaking that this could be the greatest American-made car ever. Here’s why.

Tesla’s Model S performance delivers in a multitude of different ways. First, it delivers more driving range than the Leaf and the Focus Electric combined.

Graph by author. Information credit:Consumer Reports.



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