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Is Renault’s electric ZOE a better bet than its EV and hybrid rivals? Electric cars are a long way from making fuel stations a thing of the past, but could the new Renault ZOE be the most convincing zero-emissions vehicle yet? Renault has designed it as an electric car, rather than convert an existing model – and says it sets new standards for range and driving dynamics. It’s affordable, too, at £13,995, plus £70 monthly battery rental. To find out if it’s a game-changer, we’ve put the £15,195 Dynamique Zen up against the Nissan Leaf – the current electric car benchmark – which has been updated and had its prices slashed. You can now get behind the wheel of a Leaf for just £15,990, with a similar £70 per month battery rental. But is either better than the Toyota Yaris Hybrid? It can run in electric mode, yet its petrol-electric powertrain eliminates range anxiety. Plus, its CO2 emissions of 79g/km are the lowest of any regular supermini. Verdict Every verdict for an electric car test comes with an obvious caveat: to consider one, your motoring needs have to fit into a very narrow set of specific circumstances, in particular short trips and access to charging facilities. Read more:

I finally sent in my Leaf charging cable to EVSE Upgrade.
I shipped it 2-day UPS last Wed. to Calif and had the updated cable
back in my hands Monday (two days ago)! Now I can add 20 miles
of range in an hour instead of 5 miles you get with the stock cable.

I still haven’t put in a 240v circuit in the garage. My dryer outlet is
just inside my house door from the garage, so I went to Lowes
yesterday and made an adapter cable from a 4-wire dryer cable and
an L6-30r socket. At Lowes the dryer cable cost me 23.99 and the
socket was $32.97 which I thought was a little steep. Total cost of
my adapter cable was $61.66. To go from the 4-wire dryer cable
to the 3-wire L6-30r, I just cut off the white neutral wire. The neutral
is not used. That left the earth ground green wire and the red and
black hot wires to connect to the L6-30r. My adapter works great.
The EVSE Upgrade works at 20 amps at 240v. with my 2013 Leaf.
I also bought the 120v adapter cable from EVSE Upgrade so I can
still use the charging cable with 120v.

The upgraded cable looks just like the stock cable. The difference
is in the lights. When you plug the cable into power, the green power
light flashes for the number of amps it is set for: 12 flashes (amps)
on 120v, and 20 flashes (amps) on 240v.

source NTEAA


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