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Increasing Distance, Reducing Operational Costs

Earlier this year we put on a great webinar (now available in a recorded version) that detailed how some fleets we work with found ways to save with electric vehicles. We looked at the data logged from electric vehicles in the real world, and broke down how these vehicles are being used, when they are used, and ways in which fleets can save by reducing payback periods.

Improving the utilization of plug-in vehicles improves your bottom line. When a plug in vehicle is used in the place of a conventional vehicle, fleets benefit from fueling that vehicle with inexpensive electricity and not costly gasoline. The more these vehicles are used the greater the savings seen.

View the Webinar

What we found from the webinar was that fleets are driving their purely electric vehicles, like the Nissan Leaf, about 36 km each day (note: that’s the entire day, not a single trip). The Leaf is capable of going at least 100 km in a day, and we’ve seen fleets take it up to 120 km. Plug in hybrids fared a bit better, with vehicles either travelling around 60 km in a day, or 140 km. This distribution is shown on the graph below.

The distribution looks to be likely due to two different causes. The first group of fleets may only take their vehicle out up until the electric range available, but no farther each day.


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