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Implement plan for sustainable communities

Congratulations to the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments for adopting the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan & Sustainable Communities Strategy.

Now, cities and county, we hope you’ll follow its principles.

SBCAG recognized how important land-use decisions are, not only to the efficient operation of the transportation system, but also to the environment, public health, safety, social equity and a thriving economy.

The plan and strategy were developed by the regional planning agency in partnership with all eight incorporated cities and the county, with substantial input from the public.

The Sustainable Communities Strategy has been added to the plan for the first time as a result of recent state law. It integrates an analysis of population growth, land use and housing into the long-range transportation planning process. It calls for more housing in the south and more jobs in the north.

If implemented by the nine local governments, our communities would grow in healthier, more desirable ways than the business-as-usual growth of the past.

The plan calls for higher densities along transit corridors, a diversity of housing stock, a variety of transportation modes, and a recognition of constraints to growth, including farmland, habitat and open space.

This approach enhances mobility by shortening commutes and travel distances, while reducing congestion and air pollution. It makes it easier to walk, bike or use transit, because services and resources are located closer together. It improves the design of our communities, making them more desirable and safer places to live and work. It recognizes the critical links between transportation and other social goals.


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