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IAA Preview: BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid

A few hours after Range Rover announced the launch of its new hybrid models, BMW drops the first pictures and details of a hybrid version of the new X5. To be revealed as a concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid is capable of 74 US mpg.

That is far superior to Range Rover Hybrid’s 44 mpg, but then BMW has been working on hybrid powertrain for many many years. They even have a sub-brand, the “i”, specializing in hybrid systems.

BMW X5 Plug in Hybrid 2 600×372 at IAA Preview: BMW X5 Plug in Hybrid

Unlike the Range Rovers that have a diesel-electric system, BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid’s e-Drive unit consists of a four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine and an electric motor. Thanks to a bespoke version of the xDrive all-wheel-drive system, the hybrid X5 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in under seven seconds and reach a top speed of 120. The car is also capable of 30 km (19 miles) of zero-emission, pure electric drive.


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