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Glens Falls Hospital Installs Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

GLENS FALLS — Two Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations from ChargePoint Inc. were recently installed on the Glens Falls Hospital campus, under Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Charge New York program, through a partnership between NYSERDA, ChargePoint and National Grid.

The two EV charging stations are located at 29 Mohican Street and 126 South Street–both in areas where the public is able to access at any time. The new stations enable EV owners to charge their vehicles easily. They simply tap their ChargePoint card on the contact pad and the station unlocks and is ready to charge. There is no cost associated with vehicle charging at either of these stations.

Through Charge NY the stations are part of the state’s efforts to create an electric vehicle charging infrastructure throughout New York. The state has seen the use of electric vehicles triple just within the past year. Governor Cuomo has called for $50 million to be invested over a five year period to establish 3,000 public and workplace charging stations by 2018, as well as promote the growth of electric vehicle ownership.

As part of the effort, the partnership between NYSERDA, ChargePoint and National Grid anticipates installing 67 stations across New York State including the two stations at Glens Falls Hospital. The hospital will fund the cost of energy consumed by each car charge. To date, through the partnership has installed 25 stations across upstate New York.


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