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Get ready for a solar revolution | NZ Herald

Vector’s new technology could have far- reaching effects, reports Fran O’Sullivan
By Fran O’Sullivan & Fran O’Sullivan

Here’s a projection. New Zealanders’ rapid uptake of the innovative smart solar and battery technologies that Vector is now rolling out in Auckland promises to forge a revolution not just in the residential space but also across business.

Vector chief executive Simon Mackenzie is loath to put on public record just how many Aucklanders have already stumped up the $2000 upfront cost to install solar panels coupled with lithium ion technology batteries to optimise their electricity usage since the scheme was launched in January. But it is ahead of internal projections.

Vector has also undertaken large-scale commercial solar installations at companies such as Auckland’s Hubbard Foods and for the Department of Conservation on Great Barrier Island, both driven by economics and sustainability. Other firms are investigating following suit to capitalise on the green imagery (and electricity back-up potential) now possible through the convergence of technologies.

Mackenzie enthuses the potential market is huge. Dairy farmers could put solar panels on their milking sheds to avert the risk to their 24/7 businesses from the kind of power failures that occur due to NZ’s variable weather patterns. The technology could also be used as “insurance” in areas subject to earthquake risk like Wellington so householders and businesses have battery backup for at least a short period if power lines are out.



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