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Ford Recalls C-Max Plug-In Hybrids – August 1, 2013 –

Ford Motor Co. (F – Analyst Report) announced that it would recall 33,021 units of C-Max hybrid multi-purpose vehicles (MPV) in the U.S. due to a roof component that do not meet safety requirements. The issue has been noticed by both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the automaker.
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The recalled C-Max hybrid cars were manufactured between Jan 19, 2012 and Jun 26, 2013 in Michigan. Their roof components do not provide enough protection against head injuries. Only vehicles without the optional panoramic glass roof will be recalled by the company.

Ford Motor is planning to install plastic energy-absorbing material under the roof on both sides of the vehicle to correct the problem. The automaker has not yet received any reports of accidents or injuries related to the problem.

Earlier this month, Ford Motor also announced recall of 972 units of diesel variant of EcoSport mini sports utility vehicles (SUVs) in India due to a glitch with their the glow plug module, which helps in starting engines.

Ford started shipping locally manufactured EcoSport in India in June this year with a starting price of 559,000 rupees ($9,400) in order to tap the growing market for mini-SUV in the country.


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