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Five Ways Tesla Motors (TSLA) Could Reach 100,000 Unit Sales By 2016

It started on Monday with the Palo Alto-based luxury electric sedan maker acing government crash tests for its Model S sedan. On Wednesday it announced it was taking pre-orders in China. On Thursday it announced the opening of its second manufacturing facility, this one in Tilburg, Netherlands. On Friday, Bloomberg reported that Telsa is beginning to deliver more than 300 cars to customers in Hong Kong ahead of its entry to the Mainland.

So it’s no wonder why CEO Elon Musk told CNBC this week that he’s “tired.” Building a capital-intensive and innovative company is not easy. And it’s not going to get any easier for the founder of the critically acclaimed Model S — history is littered with failed auto startups that began with buzzes and ended with whimpers.

Musk is betting that the Tesla, essentially the Apple of the auto industry, will be able to rely on a cult-like following for those seeking a brilliantly designed product — and that there are enough people in the world willing to pay a premium for the status that can’t be bought from the likes of a Ford Focus electric or a Toyota Prius.


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