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Europe’s Biggest Energy Storage Project (Yet)

The largest European energy storage experiment so far – involving a 6-megawatt (MW) lithium-ion battery – is under way in the UK.

It’s a collaboration between utility S&C Electric Europe, high-tech firm Samsung SDI and energy management company Younicos that the three partners believe will save up to $9 million on upgrades, such as replacing transmission lines and transformers.

The four-year-long project at the Leighton Buzzard substation in eastern England will use a massive Smart Network Storage battery from Samsung SDI.

The goal is to ease capacity restraints and to improve ways of connecting clean intermittent sources such as wind and solar onto the grid. The local distribution operator, UK Power Networks, is leading the project.

“The major grid challenges from the UK’s decarbonization can be met through energy storage’s inherent ability to reinforce the network,” says Andrew Jones, Managing Director, S&C Electric Europe. “But currently there are limited large-scale energy storage projects here, leaving a confidence gap. This practical demonstration promises to show the strengths and limitations of storage and unlock its potential as a key technology for the transition to low carbon energy.”



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