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European Electric Micro Car Can Drive On Solar Alone

The evolution of the electric vehicle industry in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom where we’ve seen strong examples of its progress, is something producing some very interesting innovation. One of the most recent of these examples is a project centered around the development of a novel prototype electric car with a range of up to 20 km (12.4 miles) powered by solar power alone.

The project goes by the moniker “integrated enabling technologies for efficient electrical personal mobility,” or P-MOB. Developed by Dr. Pietro Perlo, the CEO of Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles, an Italian SME dedicated to e-vehicle development, it was supported by almost EUR 2.8 million in funding from the European Commission. It also involved researchers from six companies (Siemens from Germany; Mazel from Spain; IFEVS, Polimodel and Fiat from Italy; and Magnomatics from the United Kingdom), as well as the University of Sheffield in the UK.
image via P-MOB team

image via P-MOB team

The P-MOB team, in undertaking development of the prototype, sought to

break the link between increasing transport capacity and rising road deaths, congestion and pollution by developing an e-vehicle prototype that is not only clean, but extremely safe and compact. To do so, the researchers took a novel approach to advanced systems integration focusing, among other things, on solar cells, e-motor and magnetic torque control, power-energy management, distributed accumulators and technologies to enable e-vehicles to put power back into the grid when not in use.


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