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EMW’s JuiceBox Level 2 Charger a hit on Kickstarter for just $109

Plug In America worked hard to keep the federal infrastructure tax credit for EV charge stations active through 2013, but when the price of a home charger drops to $109, a 30-percent credit isn’t that big of a deal. Sure, there are a lot of caveats here, but the cost of getting your home ready to charge your EV is certainly dropping.

The charger in question here is the Electric Motor Werks (EMW) JuiceBox, an open source, Level 2 (15kW) EV charging station with a J1772 connector. There are two different versions available, Base and Premium, and they come pre-assembled or DIY. The prices were lower during the successful Kickstarter campaign that ended a few weeks ago, but now the Juiceboxes start at $139.00 each. That’s for the unassembled Base model. Get it assembled $239 or go Premium for $249. Premium Assembled is $359. Installation is extra, of course.

The difference between Base and Premium is that the Premium has a different enclosure type, time-of-day charging ability, remote control and an LCD display. Both models use an Arduino microcontroller, offer up to 60A 15kW of power, are Wi-Fi ready and are open source, which potentially opens the door to extensions from EMW or outside developers. The first JuiceBoxes should be ready for new customers in September.


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