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EMW JuiceBox – an Open Source Level 2 (15kW) EV Charging Station starts at $109

There are two major versions of the JuiceBox – Base and Premium. Refer to the tables below to understand the differences.

EMW JuiceBox – Overall Description

Base Edition Kit

JuiceBox is this newest EMW product. It is an Open Source 15kW Level 2 EV charging station costing 3-4x lower than currently existing EVSEs.

This product was initially successfully funded from a KickStarter campaign. The project received over 230% of the target funding amount from around 300 backers. We are currently setting up mass production of these EVSEs, with expected availability starting in September (after our KickStarter orders are fulfilled). JuiceBoxes will be shipped on a first-come, first-serve basis – so get your pre-order in today!

Once the production is underway, we expect another increase in pricing – another incentive to order today!

The device is a full-featured J1772 charging station and supplies up to 60A 15kW to your J1772 vehicle (all production cars sold today) and operates on any voltage between 100V and 240V. This means up to 10x faster charging than from a regular household outlet (when wired to 240V supply, subject to charging speed limitations of the charger onboard of your EV). Generally, most of the newer EVs will experience at least 4-5x improvement by going to 240v with JuiceBox.

It’s built around an Arduino microcontroller and EMW is making both the hardware and software open source. It is small enough to be used as a mobile charger (plug in at the RV park, friend’s house’s dryer outlet, etc). It is faster. It is Wi-Fi ready. It is more affordable and flexible than other EVSEs available on the market today.

And did we mention it’s completely open source? We expect many extensions to be made available in the future – developed by EMW or our JuiceBox developer community. You will be able to get the benefit of the great open source community around this product and get much more mileage out of your investment!

Finally, the JuiceBox is designed to be inherently portable. The Base version’s dimensions allow you to take it everywhere and enjoy up to 15kW of charging power! There is an automatic power derating for 120V outlets so you don’t have to worry about overloading your house wiring in that unfortunate event when you have to resort to 120V charging…
There are FOUR main configurations of the JuiceBox – Base Kit, Base Assembled, Premium Kit, and Premium Assembled. Click on JuiceBox type options above to get more info on each option.

Includes all electronic components and matching enclosure needed to enable J1772 charging of your vehicle up to 240V 60A (output current limit is user-adjustable). No LCD screen or advanced controls.

Size: portable with ~10x7x3″ weather-resistant enclosure. The cables are exiting from the bottom of the enclosure (from one of the small 7×3″ sizes) so you will need some space below the JuiceBox to allow for cable routing.

You will need to add input and output cables – e.g., a dryer plug with cord for input and J1772 cord for output – a variety of options are available through EMW store – check related products. Or you can reuse the J1772 charging cord that you got with your EV.

Basic electronics assembly and safety skills required. Estimated assembly time is 1-2 hours

Explore more JuiceBox configurations by clicking the JuiceBox type selections to the right of the JuiceBox image on top.



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