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Electric Vehicles Rev up in Toronto » The Epoch Times

Toronto has been picking up on the electric automobile trend, going from 0 vehicles in the early part of 2010 to 100 vehicles by the end of 2010 to 1500 vehicles today.

Traditionally thought of as incompetent with a small range before needing a charge, the electric engine technology has come a long way. Now, most of the leading car manufacturers are introducing fully electric or hybrid models. The cars have considerable pros and cons.

On top of the higher price tag of a comparable gas/diesel car, a typical electric vehicle needs a charging station. Installation of an extra 240V plug, which speeds up charging of the battery by two times or more and is recommended for fully electric vehicles, may not be permitted in some condominiums.

Another thing is coping with long distance drives, especially if you do them often. Although there’s always the option of renting another vehicle along the way, switching cars with a friend, or using public transportation, some buyers may opt for having a back-up gas-powered vehicle. In many cases, a hybrid can be a good solution.

Electric, however, has many benefits other than producing zero emissions at the car level. It’s noise-free, substantially less costly to run, fun to drive because of instantaneous maximum torque, and it doesn’t use up charge when idling in traffic. Electric cars also come with incentives from the Government of Ontario: rebates of up to $1,000 for installation of the 240V plug and up to $8,500 for the vehicle.



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