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Electric Vehicle Owners Getting All Charged Up at PSEG Parking Lot

-in stations make corporate facility largest site for charging electric vehicles in NJ

Michael Cassella (left) and Jimin Liu, both of PSEG Services. Liu’s car is an all-electric Nissan Leaf.
Michael Cassella (left) and Jimin Liu, both of PSEG Services. Liu’s car is an all-electric Nissan Leaf.

Talk about early adopters. Abe Gurjal, an IT specialist at PSEG Services in Newark, commutes to work from his home in Watchung in his Chevy Volt electric vehicle, a routine he has followed for nearly two years.

“I just like the car,’’ said Gurjal, whose commute runs just shy of 20 miles, a roundtrip well within the range of the plug-in vehicle. Even so, he’s racked up more than 70,000 miles on the Volt, driving around the state. “It’s really an innovative car.’’

He’s suddenly got a lot of company. PSEG earlier this month opened the largest electric-charging station in New Jersey at its headquarters parking lot, a move that motivated 10 of its employees to join Gurjal in switching to cleaner running vehicles.

Gurjal used to charge his Volt at home, but now benefits from a free charge at the company garage through July 2016 at 13 plug-in stations (Two are reserved for the PSEG’s electric vehicles). He and his colleagues also profit from not having to pay for parking in the state’s largest city, a cost that can run up to $600 a year or more, depending what garage is chosen

The pilot program’s success surprised PSEG officials, including Paul Rosengren, a spokesman for the company, who came up with the idea and pushed it to company executives. He said he never thought the 11 spaces allocated to employees would be filled so quickly, although he helped that come about by buying his own Chevy Volt and taking advantage of the offer. Gurjal was the first to sign up, but many of his colleagues in IT soon followed suit.


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