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Electric Car Charging: Now Live in Bury

A new electric vehicle charging point network and ‘pay as you go’ programme, led by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), started at the end of July.

Electric Car charging in Bury

The Greater Manchester Electric Vehicle (GMEV) scheme will see more than 250 charging bays across the ten Greater Manchester districts go live – providing commuters with the infrastructure to charge electric vehicles.

There are seven car parks across Bury which will have electric vehicle charging points:

* The Castle, Bolton Street, Bury

* Foundry Street, Bury

* Trinity Street, Bury

* Parsons Lane, Bury

* Market Street, Bury

* Fairfax Road, Prestwich

* Prince Street, Ramsbottom.

Councillor Tony Isherwood, Bury’s cabinet member for environment, said: “The Committee on Climate Change – the Government’s climate advisors – forecast that there will be 1.7 million electric vehicles on UK roads by 2020. These can offer low running costs, and reduce local air and noise pollution

“Studies show that a good network of charging points is the key to getting drivers to consider a switch to electric.


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