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Electric car charge points to be installed across Cornwall and Devon (From This is The West Country)

Electric car charge points to be installed across Cornwall and Devon

10:35am Thursday 1st August 2013 in Cornwall

Electric car charge points to be installed across Cornwall and Devon
Thirty-nine electric car charge points will be installed in Cornwall thanks to £1m in government funding.

The chargepoints will be installed across the South West thanks to a funding bid from the Cornwall Council’s Green Cornwall team.

The aim is to create a reliable charging network to allow drivers of electric vehicles to travel throughout the South West, “helping to reduce vehicle noise and combat air pollution”.

The hope is that improving the charging network will mean more people will consider owning an electric vehicle.

“I am delighted that Green Cornwall has taken a strategic lead to ensure that we are properly connected to the national electric vehicle infrastructure network,” said Councillor Julian German, Cornwall Council portfolio holder for economy and culture.

“This will give Cornwall one of the most comprehensive rapid charging networks in Europe, putting us at the forefront of the low carbon transport agenda. This network of chargers will allow Cornish residents, businesses and visitors to travel seamlessly throughout the South West using an electric vehicle and create a number of new and exciting business opportunities in Cornwall.”

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The Council’s two bids to the Office for Low Emission Vehicles was produced with a range of organisations including Cornwall Development Company, Plymouth City Council, KEO Energyshare and Ecodrive.

Ruth Binny, project director of energyshare, who worked with Cornwall Council to develop a cohesive vision for a Cornish electric vehicle network and support the successful funding bid, said: “We are delighted that Cornwall will be able to offer more electric vehicle charge points. energyshare’s aim is to increase electric vehicle ownership and the unlock the benefits that it can bring to Cornwall.

“The new chargepoints throughout Cornwall will form an electric vehicle backbone upon which further economic and environmental sustainability can be built – including reducing community isolation, improving skills and employment potential.”

Matthew Trevaskis, director of Ecodrive, said: “We are delighted to hear that Cornwall has been awarded the funding to install charging points to support the developing electric vehicle market in Cornwall, both for the public sector to decrease emissions and save costs and for the public to be confident in making the switch to electric transport.

“Rapid charging stations will relieve ‘range anxiety’ ensuring that drivers can recharge whilst drinking a coffee and add flexibility to their vehicle even though it usually recharges at home overnight. Cornwall’s drivers have shown a huge appetite for driving electric and this will make it more practical for more people than ever before.”

The bid includes funding for a network of 29 ‘rapid chargers’ in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset, which charge a vehicle in around 20 to 30 minutes, as well as 22 ‘fast chargers’ which charge vehicles in around two hours.

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