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Detroit Electric’s production plans for new vehicle stalls

Albert Lam, founder and CEO of the Detroit Electric car company, introduces the limited edition SP:01 two-seat electric sports car at the Fisher Building in Detroit on Wednesday, April 3, 2013. Detroit Electric’s inaugural vehicle, to cost $135,000, is unlike any the industry has seen. (Ricardo Thomas / The Detroit News)
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Manufacturing plans from electric-car maker Detroit Electric have stalled as the revived automaker has yet to finalize an agreement for a manufacturing facility in Wayne County.

Though Detroit Electric had pinpointed a facility in Plymouth to manufacture its SP:01 electric sports car, the company has yet to finalize a lease or purchase agreement, North American president Don Graunstadt said in an email to The Detroit News.

Previous plans called for Detroit Electric to begin manufacturing its vehicle at the Plymouth facility by this month. The facility is expected to have an annual production capacity of about 2,500 and employ more than 100 workers.

Those plans are now pushed back, though the immediate fate of the automaker should be known in the next couple of weeks.

“To further elaborate at this juncture is, unfortunately, not possible as Detroit Electric have entered into negotiations with other parties that have the potential to impact our business strategy and timing,” Graunstadt said.



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