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Canadian Center of Science and Education Reveals Cutting-Edge Scientific Fields

The Canadian Center of Science and Education encourages research and discovery, and has thus released a list of the most innovative scientific fields in today’s world.
PHILADELPHIA, PA, August 24, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Canadian Center of Science and Education strives to continually support cutting-edge scientific and other efforts in order to boost discovery and contribute to a better understanding of today’s world. This entails keeping up with the latest in scientific research, and the Center is certainly dedicated to doing so. According to an article recently published by Wired, some scientific specialties are pushing the boundaries at a faster pace than others.
The article explains: “Scientific research is a large and sprawling endeavor, with thousands of laboratories around the world studying their own ultra-specialized piece of a much more significant whole. It’s the logical intersection of reductionist scientific heritage and centuries of technological advances: in order to advance our understanding of the world around us, we must pursue increasingly specific sub-disciplines, from retina neural computation to space plasma physics.”
To measure the growth of these sub-disciplines, Thomson Reuters spearheaded a study called “100 Key Scientific Research Fronts,” which undertook to pinpoint the fields that are the “hottest” in today’s industry. While these fields may not necessarily contribute the most to society, they have received attention due to the discoveries that they are uncovering.
Wired has listed 10 of the most cutting-edge research areas, including: the effects of climate change on food production; tectonic changes in the Southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt; implants of transcatheter aortic valves; analysis of DNA methylation and missing heritability; marine ecosystems and the acidification of the ocean; enhanced visible light photocatalytic hydrogen production; iron selenide superconductors doped with alkali; galileon cosmology; lithium air batteries; and urban policies and global governance.



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