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Cadillac ELR Battery Structure Welded Like AirplanesIn-Car Tech

Ultrasonic welding, a high-tech process typically used in the aerospace and medical industries, helps ensure high quality for the new Cadillac ELR extended-range electric luxury coupe going on sale in North America in early 2014, according to a Cadillac press release. General Motors’ Brownstown Battery Assembly plant near Detroit uses ultrasonic welding to join metal electrode tabs on ELR’s lithium-ion battery. The Brownstown battery plant uses an automated system to execute millions of these welds each year. (Jeffrey Sauger photo courtesy General Motors)
Cadillac is using ultrasonic welding technology often used in building airplanes to make the ELR battery pack’s quality more uniform.
According to the press release from Cadillac, the ELR’s battery pack features nearly 200 ultrasonic welds, each required to meet “stringent quality requirements” that enable Cadillac to offer an eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty on the ELR’s battery system. The release said other advantages of ultrasonic welding include short cycle times, low capital costs, and manufacturing flexibility by use of automation.
General Motors Center for Automotive Research President and CEO Jay Baron said, “Ultrasonic welding is a far superior joining technology in applications where it can be deployed. Cadillac’s innovative process will produce batteries with superior quality compared with traditional methods – and do it more efficiently. This is one example of technology development that is becoming pervasive in today’s world class vehicles.”


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