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BMW Picks Tech City Startup to Promote Electric i3 Car

A London-based technology startup has been chosen by BMW to promote the upcoming i3 electric car with an intelligent system aiming to replace the traditional car salesman.

BMW i3
The all-electric BMW i3 has a range of 80-100 miles, costs £25,000 and goes on sale in November. (Reuters)

London Brand Management (LBM), which is based in the Bakery co-working space on Old Street, in the area known as Tech City, beat 10 other companies to win the right to work with BMW and the i3, which goes on sale in November.

Potential customers can send a text message to LBM’s iGenius system, which can interpret words and their context to work out what the user is asking, before providing useful information about the car in response.

Speaking to TechCityNews, LBM founder Dmitry Aksenov said the partnership with BMW is “totally different” to working with the small companies his business is used to, adding: “We have had an extremely positive response at the BMW launch day, with customers having up to 20 interactive messages with the AI [artificial intelligence] system.”

With the i3 only being launched by BMW in July, LBM said it had very little time to add information about the car to its system, which has been in development since the company first pitched its service to BMW in March.


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