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AWEA Summit spotlights Ohio as potential driver of industry growth

Guest post by Eric Thumma, Director, Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Iberdrola Renewables, and conference chairman, AWEA Ohio Wind Energy Summit

I first started working on Ohio renewable energy policy sometime around 2005 when I was still energy director for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. I was invited to Columbus to meet with state officials and NGOs to talk about our success in enacting a renewable and alternative energy requirement in Pennsylvania in 2004. At the time, Ohio was a long way from what would eventually be a renewable and advanced energy law that would make it one of the leading states for renewable energy investment in the country. So, it is with great satisfaction, and with some nostalgia, that I’m very excited to return to Columbus on September 24 to help AWEA and my wind energy colleagues host the first-ever AWEA state wind energy conference.

Ohio is the perfect place for this initial state-focused conference. Over the next decade, Ohio’s renewable energy law will be a leading driver of wind energy demand in the region and nationally, deploying an estimated 5,000 MW of wind energy that will generate approximately $10 billion in new investment. This growth is exciting, and by itself a reason for the industry to convene in Columbus. But there are other reasons that make this conference important not just for those investing in Ohio, but for industry participants more generally.


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