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Annapolis unveils charging station for band tour buses, electric-powered cars


The tour bus parked outside Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis was buzzing and there wasn’t a musician in sight.

The city of Annapolis unveiled an electric charging station in front of Rams Head Wednesday afternoon. The city’s first street-charging station will supply power for tour buses and electric-powered vehicles parked outside the restaurant on West Street while cutting down on engine noise and exhaust fumes.

The charger was funded as part of an $18,000 grant under the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, said Mayor Josh Cohen. It is the third electric-vehicle charging station in the city; the others are in the Cecil Knighton Garage, a few blocks away off West Street.

Richard A. Newell, director of the Annapolis Department of Transportation, said the city also has installed 384 solar-powered parking meters on city streets and replaced one city diesel bus with a diesel-electric hybrid.

“As we change over the fleet, there will be more electric-hybrid vehicles,” Newell said. “All in the name of green.”

The city will cover the cost of the energy provided by the charging station for the first couple of months, said Rhonda B. Wardlaw, a spokeswoman for Annapolis. It will then split the cost with the owners of Ram’s Head Tavern depending on who uses the charging station, Wardlaw said.



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