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2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive review: Pop the top to make room – Chicago Tribune

The 2013 Smart ForTwo ED isn’t much different from its gas-powered sibling, but it’s priced to sell and the droptop makes up for its slow, stiff and disappointing ride.

2013 Smart ForTwo ED (the electric drive ED not the kind that is helped with a blue pill) has a range of 76 miles and a sticker price of $25,750 before tax credits and rebates. (
Aug. 8, 2013, 12:46 p.m.
By Aaron Bragman,

The tiny Smart ForTwo isn’t one of our favorite cars, and we have no qualms telling the world what we think of it. People around the world have been equally forthcoming in their comments about our evaluation of it as well, with nearly fanatical owners accusing us of bashing it unfairly. It’s hard to deny that the standard ForTwo is slow, cheap feeling, inefficient and a questionable purchase compared to its competitors.

But now Smart is trying something new, something that the company says was intended from the very beginning: an electric version. The 2013 Smart ForTwo ED (for Electric Drive, not for a condition remedied by little blue pills) is here, and while not a perfect answer to the issues that plague the gas-powered version, the Electric Drive certainly makes for a more interesting proposition.



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