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World’s biggest offshore wind farm officially opens in UK (175 turbines, 630MW)

Phase II could add an extra 240MW
That’s it. After years and years, it’s finally officially done. Phase I of the London Array, the world’s biggest offshore wind farm with its 175 Siemens 3.6MW turbines rated at a combined capacity of 630MW, enough to power half a million UK homes, is officially open. Even british prime minister David Cameron was at the ceremony. Since construction began in 2009, a lot of teamwork was involved: Over 75 organisations have helped to build London Array with over 6,700 individuals involved.

© London Array

London Array is located around 20km off the coasts of Kent and Essex on a 100 sq/km site.

After some more studies are done on potential impacts to wildlife, a phase II could be built, adding 240 extra megawatts of capacity to the offshore wind farm.

© London Array

The UK targets 16GW of offshore wind power by 2020, a huge increase from the 3.3GW of installed capacity that they have now, so we should see a lot more projects like this one pop up.


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