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White House Petition: Create Fast Charging EV Network To Accelerate Electrification

There is a petition on the website of the United States government’s White House to construct a network of fast chargers for plug-in vehicles. The petition states that the construction of this fast charging network will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.

There aren’t many electric vehicles on American roads right now. The number is growing fast. However, growth would surely be even stronger if more EV chargers were on the road. The increased ubiquity of charging stations enables more people to find charging stations, of course, but not only that — the sight of charging stations everywhere puts EVs on their minds and assures people that they will be able to recharge practically whenever they want if they switch to an EV.

Technically, most EV owners can recharge their electric vehicles overnight at home, as 120 volt power outlets are standard in US homes. However, public charging stations improve on that by enabling people to drive further than their EV range (which is per charge). The Nissan Leaf had a range of 73 miles per charge (the first one). However, it can travel twice that far if recharged after the first 73 mile trip.

Additionally, many people actually live in apartment buildings where it might be difficult to find a plug next to your parking place. More public EV charging stations are needed for many of them to switch to EVs.

You can’t put a million electric vehicles on the road without enough chargers!
Petition Text

Fast charging stations should be installed every 50 miles across the United States Interstate Highway System. These chargers will allow electric vehicles such as the Chevrolet Spark, Nissan Leaf and other vehicles to be recharged to 80% capacity in 20 to 30 minutes. This will allow drivers of electric vehicles the freedom to travel throughout the entire US without fear that they may run out of power.

There are huge societal benefits from switching to electric vehicles including reduced pollution, noise and dependence on foreign oil.

If you agree with this petition, sign it here!


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