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Volkswagen’s out of this world electric van

Cool looking eT! concept can drive itself
By Gavin Conway on November 21, 2011 3:00 PM

This Volkswagen electric van, called the eT! (their exclamation, not ours), is a rolling test bed for some truly innovative technologies aimed at making the delivery driver’s life easier.

Designed by the same team who created the NILS microcar concept, the van can, for example, autonomously follow the delivery driver from house to house, sort of like a loyal Labrador. Likewise, it can be commanded to ‘come to me’, also in driverless mode.

Volkswagen worked with the Deutsche Post AG – one of Europe’s largest customers for lightweight commercial vehicles – to come up with a vehicle that would best serve their mail delivery routine. To make the van even easier to manoeuvre, there is a ‘driver stick’ on the passenger side of the van that enables the operator to control the van remotely. On the passenger side of the van – the ‘working’ side of the vehicle – there is an electrically sliding door that opens in two different stages for quick access.

And, of course, a mail van’s daily route of fixed mileage in urban areas is ideally suited to pure-electric vehicles.


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