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Vehicle-to-grid system could hold promise

As the number of electric and plug-in hybrid cars starts to increase, people are thinking about ways to make use of a new potential power resource. Vehicle-to-grid or V2G is a system in which plug-in electric vehicles can communicate back and forth with the power grid in order to deliver electricity into the grid when it is needed and cut back their charging rate when it is scarce.

The idea makes real sense when there is a large number of plug-in electric vehicles. Most vehicles are parked an average of 95 percent of the time, which means that if they were tied to the electric grid during that time, they could collectively act as an enormous battery for the grid.

V2G vehicles could balance the load on the grid by charging when overall demand is low and sending power back when demand is high. V2G could provide so-called spinning reserves to meet sudden demands for power. V2G could reduce the need for costly peak power plants.


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