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USA: Lodi City Council approves charging stations for electric vehicles

Lodi is on the cutting edge, and this time, it has nothing to do with wine. The Lodi City Council approved a resolution to designate seven public parking stalls around town only for charging electric vehicles as part of an ongoing project to make Lodi EV friendly. Anyone else parking there will be towed.

Rob Lechner, programs manager for the Lodi Electric Utility, says this step keeps Lodi in the forefront of cities encouraging more electric vehicle use.

The stalls are in public parking lots around the city. The charging heads were first installed in April with grant money from the California Energy Commission. By this fall, the heads will be retrofitted at a cost of $650 each to accept credit cards as payment for charging.

Until then, it’s free for anyone to charge up their car. The prices will run about $1.50 to $2 an hour to charge, which is about half the cost of gasoline to drive the same distance.

Before that, Lechner wants to make sure the stalls will be used only for their intended purpose and not for normal parking.

Once the stage two chargers installed, it will take about four hours to fully recharge an electric car battery. When the battery is full, the car will have to move. If a car is parked in one of these stalls and isn’t charging up, they’ll be towed.

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