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USA; Electric vehicle charging station opens in Florence

FLORENCE, Wis. – With gasoline prices on the rise yet again, vehicles fueled by alternative energy sources such as electricity are starting to look more and more attractive.
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Nikki Younk/Daily News Photo
Jack Cleary of Bella Vista, Ark. charges his Tesla electric car at the new public charging station in Florence. The station opened up earlier this week, and Cleary was the first customer.

However, completely electric vehicles also have their shortcomings. Public charging stations are still few and far between in rural areas.

That’s no longer a problem for any electric car drivers traveling through Florence.

Earlier this week, Florence Utilities installed a public charging station on Central Avenue in the parking lot across from Maxsells Restaurant.

“We’re starting out small and seeing what the interest is,” said Bob Friberg, general manager for Florence Utilities. “We’d like to see it flourish here.”

Friberg felt that Florence is the perfect town for a station, since it is located roughly halfway between established charging stations in Green Bay, Wis. and the northern Upper Peninsula.

“It’s a logical stopping point,” he added. “And we have plenty of bed and breakfasts and restaurants drivers could enjoy while their cars are charging.”


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