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United States Accounts for 70% of Cumulative Global Sales of Plug-In Hybrids and Almost 25% of Pure Electric Vehicles

After sloshing through more sales figures than we ever thought were available, we’ve come to the conclusion that the United States is digging them plug-ins.
Ford C-Max Energi is Reason Number Two

Ford C-Max Energi is Reason Number Two

We’re not about to bore you with all the figures we poured through to arrive at that conclusion.

Rather, we’ll present 2 highlights that show just where the US stands in the plug-in vehicle charge.

The United States currently accounts for nearly 70% of all the plug-in hybrids sold globally. That’s a cumulative result, meaning that since the launch of the first mass production plug-in hybrid back in late 2010, the US has bought 70% of the world’s running total of that particular type of vehicle. In this group is the Chevy Volt and its several siblings (as well as other extended-range electrics), which we don’t usually classify as plug-in hybrids, but here they don’t slot into the next group either.


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