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Unique in Europe: GRS Batterien Launches New Logistics Process for High-output Lithium Batterie

In July 2013, the Stiftung Gemeinsames Rücknahmesystem Batterien (Foundation Joint Collection Scheme for Batteries , known as GRS Batterien) is launching a new complete logistics solution for lithium batteries: the specification issued by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) on 2 July 2013 means that GRS Batterien is now able to ensure the collection and transport not only of used, but also of damaged lithium batteries throughout Germany. “This resolves a major challenge to the use of new battery technologies,” comments GRS Managing Director Georgios Chryssos regarding the achievement, “as it guarantees the safe collection of all types of high-energy batteries.”

Due to regulations on the transportation of dangerous goods and safety requirements, the transportation of large lithium batteries such as those used in electric vehicles or for decentralised energy storage has been impossible or very difficult up to now. “We are delighted that the intensive work carried out during the last few months has now paid off and we are the first collection scheme in Europe to be able to offer battery manufacturers proper transportation of damaged lithium batteries weighing more than 500 g,” says GRS Managing Director Georgios Chryssos regarding the BAM specification.

Modular container and packaging concept

In consultation with the responsible authorities, GRS Batterien has developed a modular container and packaging concept: suitably qualified logistics partners accept defective and damaged lithium batteries directly at the handover points in special packaging and transport them safely to the recycling plant in compliance with statutory regulations. Uniquely, the specification obtained by GRS Batterien means that the collection scheme is able to use the same container system for the safe transportation of damaged lithium batteries of different types and sizes. The modular design of the packaging authorised for the transportation of damaged lithium batteries with a gross weight of up to 200 kg allows a high degree of flexibility as well as the standardisation of the logistics processes, enabling GRS Batterien to carry out country-wide collection on behalf of its users.

Pilot project launched at public waste management facilities

The new concept is now being trialled in a pilot project at public waste management facilities, where the first special collection points for private consumers, small businesses, small volume collectors and other consumers are being set up. GRS is supporting these pilot collection points at public waste management facilities in terms of the appropriate handling of lithium and other high-energy batteries and by carrying out regional awareness activities. By the end of the year, the findings will be documented and technical and logistical improvements will have been made so that suitable collection points can be set up throughout Germany, thus making it possible to offer country-wide collection of portable and industrial batteries.

About GRS Batterien

The Stiftung Gemeinsames Rücknahmesystem Batterien (Foundation Joint Collection Scheme for Batteries, known as GRS Batterien) has been responsible for over twelve years for the battery collection duties of battery manufacturers and importers (currently 2,550). This also includes notifying the German Federal Environmental Agency of market participation. In 2012, the manufacturers affiliated to GRS Batterien placed almost 33,000 tonnes of disposable and rechargeable batteries, amounting to over 1.4 billion units, on the German market. To comply with the collection requirements, GRS Batterien has established an extensive network of over 170,000 collection points throughout Germany, 140,000 of which are in shops. The green collection box has become synonymous with battery recycling. The collection rate currently stands at 43.6 %. Almost all returned batteries are recycled.

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